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What is "Manifest Yo Shit"? 

 Manifest Yo Shit is the way I approach my life and all of my goals.

It's a mantra, a pick me up, a motivator, & a way of thinking.

It means believing is seeing. Not the other way around.

Manifest Yo Shit is about

visualizing the life you want,

believing you're worth it,

and working hard to get it.

See the toothless little girl in the photo? 


 Manifest Yo Shit is for her.

It's for the you that didn't give up. 


 All of your goals, hopes, & dreams are within your grasp.

No matter where you come from.

It might take more guts, or more time but you got this.

& I hope if you're feeling low you'll do what I do: find a mirror, remember who tf you are, and go out there & MANIFEST YO SHIT!

I believe in you. I believe in me.

Hustle, Have faith, Be Kind, and #ManifestYoShit.

xx, Samo


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