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What is a

"Cool Feminist"?


To me, a Cool Feminist is someone who believes in equal rights no matter your gender, race, age, class, sexuality, ability, religion, etc.

As a Cool Feminist I know there are intersections in life where our identities meet & overlap and that this means some people are more disadvantaged by an unjust system than others. As a Cool Feminist I'm not afraid to talk about things like race & misogyny. It matters.

Being a Cool Feminist also means that I am an activist. I try to make the world better & push for change however I can. From where I am. Our role in that change is always evolving as we gain more influence, understand things more deeply, feel things more fully, and have access to better resources.

My work as a Cool Feminist includes my advocacy and volunteer work with ACTRA Toronto as the Diversity & Inclusion Committee co-chair where myself and my co-chair, Lisa Michelle Cornelius are tasked with creating, planning, and executing initiatives and education for our diverse members. More meaningful representation on-screen can shape our culture and inspire hope. I couldn't be more passionate about more diversity in our storytelling and on our screens. As an ACTRA Toronto Councillor it's my elected duty to fight for Performer's Rights & advocate for legislation that supports our industry.  I don't shy away from using my voice at the table.







As a voice in the community & a champion of diversity, I have been invited to host panels at major film festivals like TIFF, The Black Film Festival, & The Forest City Film Festival. I have been asked to speak at Women in Business' Official International Women's Day event, a Diversity in TV & Film event at Ryerson, as well as appearances on a number of podcasts discussing activism and the nuances of modern diversity & inclusion.

My love for and belief in Women, Black People, people of colour, the LGBTQ+ community and all of our rights is endless. 

I truly believe that to affect culture, we must realize we are culture. My next project is something I've been working on for 6 years. It's a Limited Series for television which highlights missing women and girls, and one woman's obsession with finding the truth about what happened to her sister. The series explores how human trafficking operates in our society, and the complicity of law enforcement, the justice system, and even ourselves in it's proliferation. Ultimately though, it's a personal story about truth, loss, the redemptive power of forgiveness and a sister's never-ending love.


I am so proud to be developing this ground-breaking series. If you'd like to know more or are interested in investing in this story, please email us at ​​​

Diversity in Voice Panel at the

Toronto Black Film Festival.

Talking about women in genre films at

The Bloody Mary Film Festival.

Lobbying & speaking with our Members of Parliament about maintaining stability for our film & tv industry. Seen here with NDP MPP Jill Andrew and members of ACTRA Toronto leadership.

The Sandi Ross Awards at TIFF. Our ACTRA Diversity & Inclusion Committee awards one individual and one production company each year who is "walking the talk" when it comes to promoting diversity & inclusion.

"Do we settle for the world as it is, or do we work for the world as it should be?"   Michelle Obama

Women in Film & Television Digital Incubator with Producer Marina Cordoni.

Director's Guild of Canada Event with ACTRA Toronto President Theresa Tova & ACTRA Councillor and Diversity & Inclusion co-chair Lisa Michelle Cornelius. 

Black Lives Matter.

Juror for the Female Eye Film Festival.

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