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As a working actor I knew I wanted to create a safe place for actors to play, grow, and learn.

The Actors Work Studio is by actors for actors. It's what I wish had existed when I started out. I spent years in acting classes where teachers talked for hours and I spent only 10 minutes on screen or working in class.  I spent years in the industry struggling to figure out what "they" wanted and desperate to book a part.


Then something magical happened: I started to truly believe in myself. I felt empowered by my process. 


At The Actors Work Studio it's that harmony between self-confidence, belief, and hard work that create the actor you want to become. 

"There's no such thing as talent; you just have to work hard enough"

-David Mamet

Film Festival Partnerships

Director Sessions

Hear from & work directly with high-profile, award-winning tv & film directors.

Casting Director Sessions

Q&A's with top Casting Directors where they de-mystify the casting process & tell us what they're looking for in the room.

Master Classes

  Milestone Casting Studios  400 Eastern Ave  Toronto, ON

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